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Law Firm Marketing & Professional Web Design

Welcome to Attorneys Max the one stop for all attorneys. Attorneys Max, offers a variety of services including; content management, law firm web design, search engine optimization, content writing, domain name sales, marketing, consulting and more. We are proud of the results we give our clients as they always walk away with a smile.

We are the online leader in attorney marketing. Every Law Firm website we promote hits first page rankings or else we give you your money back.. We do not rest until you are fully satisfied. You will definitely see a jump in clients as soon as your website is on the first page of major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. We are professionals and will not overcharge you. We have flat rate pricing for our services, and we do not lack in results. We do our best so you can achieve your best results in the office.

We guarantee all of our results in writing, if we do not rank you within the top 10 positions: we promise you a 100% money back guarantee.

We are not in the business of excuses or presumptions, we have a highly qualified team of experts and we do what we say. We care about our customer’s satisfaction.

Important Information  

90% of people don't care how much education you have as long as you can represent them. So, no matter how much you have studied or accomplished the online world is based on split seconds. If you do not appeal to what a person is looking for, you will not get the client. Most people stop after the first page results, when they are looking for an attorney or law firm on the major search engines. If you are not there, they will not find you, or in fact look for you. If your website is not eye-catching you will not get any business. Customers care about how your website looks because it represents you. If you have a cheap looking website, they will automatically think you will represent them poorly. The average online viewer will make a decision about leaving your site within 5 seconds if they do not see something they like. They feel you will not be the best to represent them solely based on your image.


Marketing & Search Engine Results  

Our law firm marketing experts have the best knowledge and equipment to serve all your needs. We will not stop until you are in the top ten rankings. Some companies make promises that they do not keep, at Attorneys Max we keep our promises and we make dreams come true. If all goes wrong, we will give you a 100% money back guarantee.

Law Firm Web Design  

We do not only create an identity we create an ideal, when creating a law firm web design, the first thing we strive for is to capture the essence of who we are doing business with. Then we go deeper and mold it into something irresistible. What we do is make you better than anyone, and then put it in front of all your potential customers. So they can see the rest and choose the best.

Logo Design & Branding  

The logo of a company creates its brand, its identity. When people think about you they think about the name and the logo. When creating a name you must make your clients want and need more. Even if they do not need your services today. They will probably need it in the future. You need to always be accessible to potential customers. When someone remembers something about you or your company it stays with them. So, what our experts do is create an ideal for people to remember.

Domain Names  

The perfect domain name can help you tremendously in branding and overall marketability. It can make or break your business; the main function of your domain name should be to distinguish your law firm for what it is. The name of your law firm is sometimes the best solution but it is always a good option when you set overall goals for what you want your visitors to think of when they think of you. A domain name can set you apart from the rest, make you an authority figure and can overall give you a boost not only in clientele but build a reputation that makes you easy to remember for future prospective clients.

future prospective clients.
Content Writing  

In order to be efficient in writing you must have a set of guidelines of what you want your content to not only explain, but also engrave in your visitor’s minds. We strive to achieve excellence when creating content for your website, for the purposes of introducing your law firm into the world or even as in integral part of an SEO strategy.


Customer Service  

Attorneys Max surpasses all points of expectations when it comes to our customer service. We do not only plan with your success in mind, but we work as a team to understand and to accommodate the unforeseeable challenges that may occur with the busy life style of most attorneys. We strive to make your web presence a reflection of you. The website we create will represent who you are and the identity of your law firm. We make sure you rise above and beyond all competition.